Monday, January 10, 2011


I have been meaning to post this for a while!!!
December 10, 2010, Kale and I graduated from Piedmont College. Piedmont is a small, private school that is close by to our house. We are very blessed to have a good college so close by. Kale graduated with his Bachelors degree in history and I graduated with my specialist degree in early childhood education. This is the third degree that I have completed and I couldn't be happier!!! Finally, I am finished!!!!!! Yeah!!!
Getting my specialist was a good experience. I have learned a lot and made great friends in the process. All the classes I took are in something called a cohort, which means that I took the same classes with the same group of people through the entire specialist degree program. So, we were together for a year and a half. The cohort program was great because it allowed me to get to know and learn with a group of educators that are in the same position and walk of life that I am. We all had alot in common and it was great sharing ideas and becoming friends along the way. I am going to miss seeing them, but I am not going to miss the projects and papers I had to write!!!
Here are a few pictures from the big day.

Kale drinking his morning coffee on the way.

The last three pictures are my favorite. Kales mom does photography on the side and capture the true essence of us in these pictures!!!

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