Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Annaleigh- One Month

Annaleigh was one month on October 1. She is such a sweet baby!!! I just can't get enough of her. Everyday is such a blessing and I am so thankful for this time I have with her at home.

Annaleigh's hair sticks up in the back in the most adorable way!!

To Annaleigh:
  • You are finally wearing 0-3 month clothes. I love picking your outfit out everyday. You have so many cute clothes and I want you to wear them all!!
  • You are nursing great and eating about every three hours during the day and waking up at about 3:30am for a night time feeding.
  • You have started to like bath time a little more than you did. At first you would just scream and scream during bath time, now you just sit and relax.
  • You hate your car seat. You like to stretch out as much as possible.
  • At night you sleep with your hands above your head. It is so funny. Daddy and I could just stare at you for hours while you sleep.
  • I can't count the times during the day that your Daddy and I say how much we love you and how thankful we are that you are here!!!

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