Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ER Visit

Last night at the church softball game Kale hurt his finger. I mean really hurt his finger. Like popped it out of joint and deformed it hurt his finger. It was pretty disgusting. So, after he came off the field we went to the ER. As we were sitting in the waiting room, I began to look around and realize how blessed we were. I mean it was a little inconvenient that Kale got hurt and we had to sit in a crowed waiting room for 3 hours, but he was ok, I was ok, our family was ok. Thank you Jesus that it was only a dislocated finger and not something worse that warranted this trip to the ER waiting room.
After Kale got x -rays the doctor had to pull it back into place. Ouch!!!! He splinted it up, gave him some meds., and sent us home to follow up with a doctor later this week. Not what I had envisioned for the night, but very thankful it wasn't anything worse.
Here is Kale pointing to the pain scale. You can see how much pain he was really in. ;0)

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